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To Do

Trophy Management

Priorities 1 – 2 – 3

1 – Trophy photos doesn’t seem to be working? << Fixed had old URL – done

1 – What to do about duplicate records? (Merge etc?) << Sent SL the list to pick master boat.

1 – Glitch in boats page (red text that pops up at bottom doesn’t match the data that was just entered) “Added Poledancer to …” when it’s a different boat*

Trophy Winners

Can the year in this page above be a link to a page? We can create pages for each of the winners.

how do we edit the winners for the Blake Van Winkle Trophy?

can the Trophy pages also have the Deeds of Gift and other info, not just the photo?

*the above has something (a lot??) to do with the issue from last night. As soon as I deleted Poledancer the weird winners disappeared.

1 – can you test some winners to make sure I won’t make a mess again. I’ll email the winners list from ’15-’21. ’15 is done now (sort of) Let me know if/when I can continue to add the winners

2 – Can Home Club in Manage Boats page be a drop-down?

2 – (Boat Make & Model too?)

2 – Also “Awarded For” be a drop down

2 – remove the “all caps” from boat names << Done

2-3 – For the Trophy Details pages can we have the DOG and other info, as well as the photo – there is no info on the Details page other than the name of the trophy. Should be a lot more?

3 – For the special trophies that are for a person, can we have a way to edit them? (can’t see a way to add winners). Would be good also to be able to make a page for the Blake Van Winkle winners giving some details about why they were awarded the trophy, a photo etc.

Merge Pegagus and Battlestar Pegasus (same boat)

Can we fix the links on the page above

Can we add a photo for the boats


For Bob & Bob

LYRA President’s Trophy – is this “President’s Cup PHRF-LO”?

Review 2015 notes on winners spreadsheet

Put boat type on the trophy winner’s record

headings are confusing – multiple trophies seem to be awarded for the same thing: Freeman Race 2019 Afterburn wins two trophies. What is the second one for or?

Trophy names on Excel sheet – make them consistent with the website – many small discrepanices

What is the IMS/IRC Centennial Cup? (is this AKA IMS III Bowl??)

Lake Ontario Trophy or Lake Ontario PHRF Bowl

2020 – LYRA Cruising Division 1st – what trophy?