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LYRA is an association of yacht clubs on Lake Ontario, eastern Lake Erie, the upper Saint Lawrence River, and the Finger Lakes. LYRA’s most visible activity is the annual regatta, which is hosted by one of the member clubs. LYRA promotes the sport of sailing at both the junior and senior levels, and contributes to goodwill among sailors on both sides of the Canada-United States border.

Joining LYRA offers a variety of benefits for both yacht clubs and individual sailors. Member clubs qualify as potential hosts for both the Annual LYRA Regatta and the LYRA Junior Regatta. Boats from LYRA member clubs receive a reduced rate on entry fees at the Annual Regatta and qualify for over 50 coveted trophies awarded each year. LYRA also awards the prestigious LYRA Boat of the Year Award to a member yacht that distinguishes itself in the Annual Regatta and other competition on LYRA waters.

Membership in LYRA is open to all active yacht clubs on association waters. Yacht clubs may join as full members or as associate members. Other sailing organizations such as fleet associations may join as affiliate members.

LYRA member clubs and organizations

LYRA Executive Committee

LYRA Constitution

LYRA holds an Annual General Meeting in November of each year. Member clubs and organizations are encouraged to send delegates to the AGM where they may vote to elect Executive members and participate in other Association business such as planning for future Annual Regattas. The AGM is held at member facility in the USA or Canada, generally on alternating years. Delegates should arrive at the AGM with a letter of introduction from an officer of their organization. All sailors from member organizations are welcome to attend the AGM but only accredited delegates may vote. Member clubs are entitled to send three voting delegates to the AGM. Associate members and Affiliate Members may send one voting delegate. LYRA delegates not only represent their organization’s interests at the AGM, but are also encouraged to act as a two-way communication channel between LYRA and their organization throughout the year.

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